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Mustard Oil Hydraulic Brake Oils
Ground Nut Oil Lube Oils
Rapseed Oil Coolants
Soyabead Oil Oil Paints
Vanaspati Oil Emulsion Paints
Castor Oil Varnish
Linseed Oil Thinners
Non-Edible Oil Pesticides
Liquid Dyes Insecticides
Chemicals Phenyl
Mineral Water Disinfectants
Shapoo Squashes
Hair Oil Liquid Resins
Lotions Rubber Solutions
Liquid Detergents Varnishers
Rust Preventors Fruit Juices
Adhesives Drugs
Rose Water Pharmaceuticals
Brandy Inflammable Liquids
Fruit Pulps Liquid Inks
Jams Photographic Chemical
Soups And all Liquids
Gear Oil


This type of machine is provided with a stainless steel tank fitted with :
A ) Float controlled supply Valve ,which maintains a constant level to get accurate filling levels.
B ) Fabricated and precisely machined filling valve suitable to different sizes of outlets, depending on the container openings.
C ) Valve lifter

All the parts in contact with the filling material are made of S S 304 material.All other parts except the stand and the weighing mechanism are made of alloy steel and wherever necessary it is hardened and are easily replaceable in case of accidental damage.

As the filling is controlled vbu an accurate weighing mechanism which is operated for the gross weight of the container with the liqiud filled stays within the limits of 0.2 % tolerance.

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