About Abigail Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Mixing Machinery Process Plant

Abigail is a leading manufacturer of process equipment and machines that are used across multiple industries. Founded in 1993, Abigail has built its gold-standard reputation from 20+ years of experience with clients who have unique needs in diverse manufacturing and machine design. With extensive facilities for research & development in the newest technologies, Abigail sets itself apart from the rest in its commitment to the precision engineering of machines that are of the highest quality and can be integrated into various requirements for product manufacturing.
Abigail's manufacturing practices have been quality-certified across the world, and our team of engineers, technicians, and designers constantly seek new and customizable solutions for your needs, whether they include single machines or turnkey "A-Z" models for manufacturing design. Abigail will work with you to develop machines for your processes.

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Process Equipments & Machines for Paints, Printing ink, Plastic, Pharmaceuticals, Dyes, Chemicals and Food Processing industries.


Our machine and equipment are economical for their up-keeping, maintenance and produce high quality material.

Turnkey Projects

We have been undertaking Turnkey Projects for Paints, Inks, Pharmaceutical Varnishes and have been successful in our endeavors.

Our Products

Butterfly Mixer

Twin Shaft Butterfly Mixer

Butterfly mixer are designed to process products with medium and high viscosities.

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High Speed Dissolver / Multishaft Dissolver

High Speed Dissolver / Multishaft Dissolver

It will have a protecting cage with two 20 mm bar held apart by closing flat ring clamping on to the bar.

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Basket Mill

Basket Mill

Basket Mill are used in any field which requires the grinding and crushing of low - viscous and / or semi - viscous products, especially paint etc.

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PUG Mixer

Trishaft Mixer

Triple-shaft mixers on brackets can be equipped with compression load cells. Direct dosing into the mixer is thus enabled.

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Slow Speed Mixer

Slow Speed Mixer

These mixers serve a variety of purposes like basic mixing, colourant mixing, during finishing stages, mill base dilution.

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Double Cone Blender


They are available as individual modules or as a full built plants. We custom design the reactors to each product and process requirement.

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Global Exports

Certified by the International Standards Organization, Abigail has undertaken projects in the Middle East, Africa, North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. We are especially familiar with regional requirements and resources. We cater our design recommendations and machine fabrication to regional specifications.


Mixing Machinery, Industrial Stirrer, Kneading Machinery, Paint Making & Agitators, Aliperser (Stucco Mixer), Attritor, Disperser, High Speed Stirer, Double Cone Blender, Sigma Kneader, Pug Mixer, Sand Mill , Ribbon Blender, Ball Mill, Liquid Filling Machine, Triple Roll Mill, Filling Machine, Dia Mill, Dissolvers, Butterfly Mixer, Fabrication, Filling Machines, Paint Making Machinery.