Twin Shaft Co - Axial Mixers

Twin Shaft Co - Axial Mixer

Twin shaft mixers are available in multiple configurations depending on the process requirements. Coaxial configurations offer centre aligned dispersion shafts with scrapper blades of different configurations. Hybrid twin shaft mixers can be provided with off centered dispersion shafts and screw type shaft or scrapper shafts. The blade configurations can be single or double. The scrappers can be single arm, multi arm. These mixers offer improved dispersion and reduced process times.


• 5 to 325 HP: large units can have two motors to reduce starting load and expensive starting equipment

• Laboratory to production sizes

• Air-over-oil hydraulic or electric lift

• Explosion proof motors

• Custom designed high-shear dispersion blades

• Adjustable processing vessel holders


Mixing Machinery, Industrial Stirrer, Kneading Machinery, Paint Making & Agitators, Aliperser (Stucco Mixer), Attritor, Disperser, High Speed Stirer, Double Cone Blender, Sigma Kneader, Pug Mixer, Sand Mill , Ribbon Blender, Ball Mill, Liquid Filling Machine, Triple Roll Mill, Filling Machine, Dia Mill, Dissolvers, Butterfly Mixer, Fabrication, Filling Machines, Paint Making Machinery.