Trishaft Mixer

Trishaft Mixer

Triple-shaft mixers are universally applicable for high viscosities. Their great advantage lies in the ability to manufacture products with a very high viscosity and poor flow characteristics. Due to the high viscosity of many of the products produced in this design, the slow speed mixing impeller functions not only as a pump, moving the mass into the high speed dispersing blade, but also as a dispersing blade itself.

Triple-shaft mixers on brackets can be equipped with compression load cells. Direct dosing into the mixer is thus enabled. We also design variety of blade configurations to address a wide variety of product parameters.


• Separate driving motors and multiple impeller styles to rapidly disperse extra-high viscosity, slow-flow products.

• Mix entire batch at full speed in the raised position.

• Floor-level or lift-to-discharge through gate valve.

• Independently-driven shafts. Specially designed scraper three winged blade has an added advantage.

• Multiple blade configurations.


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